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Sage Instruments

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Sage Instruments 930I

Circuit transmission test set


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Sage Instruments

Sage Instruments products are widely used in the telecommunications and wireless fields. Founded in 1984, the brand has strived to ensure consistent quality and performance across the board. Sage Instruments is headquartered in Freedom, California, in a 30,000 sq ft. complex. Since its founding, Sage Instruments has seen some important landmark moments achieved in the test equipment business which include:

  • The first integrated multifunctional communications test set with transmission and signaling test capabilities for both metallic and digital T-1 telephony circuits.
  • The first communications test set employing Digital Signal Processing.
  • The first full-voice frequency data impairment measurement responder.
  • The first automatic end-to-end routining system for cellular telephony.
  • The first 23-Tone test end-to-end responder system.
  • A patented industry standard technique for measuring Absolute Delay.

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