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3Z Telecom RFV-GVSY

3Z Ground Verification System for RFV-2000

The 3Z alignment tool is used by wireless communication companies across the country. These antenna alignment tools (AAT) use GPS Technology to calculate precise readings for azimuth, tilt, roll and AGL measurements. At TRS-RenTelco, our catalogue of the brand's products include the 3Z Alignment tool for sale, rent and lease.

The 3Z Ground Verification System allows non-climbers to verify antenna alignment and accurate height from ground level. This introduction helps mobile operators to quickly verify if antenna alignment is to blame for site performance degradation.

The Ground Verification System can be used with the 3Z Telecom RFV-2000. The 3Z RF Aligner features a mechanically aligned HD camera for faster and more accurate alignment. The universal antenna mounting system has traditionally been used for quick antenna attachment and release. This particular alignment tool remains an industry leading antenna alignment tool for panel antennas and microwave systems.

Important features associated with the 3Z RF Aligner include:

  • Calculates the direction of the Antenna within 0.75 degrees RMS
  • Easily attaches to virtually any Directional Antenna and comes with an easy to read 4.3in Built-in Color LCD Display. Designed with tower tech mind
  • No external software is required. User simply extracts pre-formatted reports via USB in seconds.
  • Remains the smallest of its kind with the lightest weight
  • Measures azimuth, tilt, roll and AGL all in one step
  • Ability to %22do it right the first time%22 with consistent and accurate readings
  • Universal antenna clamp fits 99% of panel antennas 
  • Most compact GPS AAT in the industry
  • Has a microwave antenna alignment mode designed to align antennas regardless of frequency band

Our customer care team provides 365 days customer support. All our equipment is well maintained and correctly calibrate

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