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Ace Unitech, Inc. CLE1000-A2

Variable ISI Channel, SMA connector

Applied with Artek's unique technology for analog / mixed signal and advanced electro-magnetic, the CLE1000-A2 is designed as a variable Inter-Symbol-Interference (ISI) channel for high speed serial interface stress tests. The Ace Unitech CLE1000-A2 controls the insertion loss continuously at 0.1% step (1,000 steps) in its dynamic range for fine adjustment.

The differential transmission lines are totally passive and DC coupled. The adjusted insertion loss amount is reliably repeatable and stable for secure test results. The control is done by the volume dial on the front panel and/or PC remote via USB for automated calibration. Three (3) models of different loss range are prepared to cover various data rates. 4ch versions are also available. The CLE1000-A2 is a convenient ISI channel, applicable for various standard stress tests and compliance tests.

Get the Ace Unitech, Inc. CLE1000-A2 variable ISI channel for rent or purchase from TRS-RenTelco with 24/7, year-long customer support. If you wish to purchase this equipment, we also offer a 12 months part and labor warranty. The equipment is calibrated to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant laboratory by an experienced team of technicians and metrologists. Request a quote today.

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