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AFL Global - Fujikura FSM-50S

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

The FSM-50S Fusion Splicer sets the standard for core alignment fusion splicers. The FSM-50S is the fastest field splicer available, and can complete a splice and tube heat in a total of 44 seconds. Important features include the smallest size and weight in the industry and the legendary ruggedness Fujikura provides. The FSM-50S also includes user friendly features such as calibration-free arc adjustments (with AUTO splice mode), automatic fiber type identification and reduced operational steps. The FSM-50S also offers increased flexibility for various splicing tasks with user-selectable front and back monitor positioning. Automatic core to core, low-loss splicing regardless of fiber quality or age. Multiple pre-programmed modes for specialized splicing.

If you are looking for a new or well-maintained used Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicing Mahcine for rent, contact us or request a quote today.

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What types of fiber can the FSM-50S splice?

The FSM-50S is suitable for ribbon fiber splicing, with models available for up to 12-fiber and 8-fiber ribbons.

What are the key features of the FSM-50S?

Features include cladding alignment with fixed V-grooves, a dual-directional operating system, an arc calibration-free system, an automatic fiber loading system, a large capacity slot-in battery, and simple operation steps.

What are the average splice losses for different fiber types?

Average splice losses are 0.05dB with single-mode (SM), 0.02dB with multimode (MM), and 0.08dB with dispersion-shifted (DS) and non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers (NZDS).

How long does splicing take?

The typical splicing time is about 20 seconds.

What optional items are available for the FSM-50S?

Optional items include detachable battery packs, battery charge cords, DC power cords, J-plates, working tables, magnifying glasses, high precision fiber cleavers, and more.

How can I contact AFL Global or Fujikura for support or more information?

Contact information for AFL Telecommunications and Fujikura offices in Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the USA is provided in the document for support or further inquiries.