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Andrew GW-T

Invex 3G Network Measurement and Benchmarking Solution
In order to effectively optimize a wireless network, a network operator should be able to view the network from the perspective of its subscribers. Using Invex3G, an operator may record and display detailed performance data from an actual subscriber handset or a test phone controlled by software. The recorded data may include forward and reverse link conditions, such as signal strength, bit or frame error rate, dropped calls, failed originations, and other anomalous events, along with GPS location coordinates. Layer-3 messages may also be collected. An RSSI or digital receiver may be used in conjunction with a handset to detect neighboring cell sites/sectors and measure interference both from within the network and external sources. The challenges of 3G network optimization require drive test tools with a high functional capacity. Operators need to test voice and data on 2G and 3G networks simultaneously, while performing both subscriber equipment and network-independent measurements. Invex3G was designed from its inception to satisfy these needs, and it therefore provides an ideal optimization solution for both 2G and 3G testing.
Key features
-High Speed RSSI and Digital Receivers

-High Device Capacity

-Voice and Data Testing Capability

-2G and 3G Testing Capability

-Multi-technology Functionality

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