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Anritsu ML2438A

2 Channel Power Meter

The Anritsu ML2438A Power Meter combines the advantages of thermal meter accuracy, diode meter speed, and peak power meter display graphics. The result is a single instrument that samples at more than 35K per second and achieves 90 dB dynamic range with a single sensor. This Anritsu power meter includes graphics display capability as a standard feature. The ruggedized housing and optional high-capacity NiMH battery bring laboratory quality accuracy to field service applications. ML2438A has two inputs. The following Sensors can be used with the ML2438A Power Meter: MA2400xA Thermal Sensors MA247xD Standard Diode Power Sensors MA248xD Universal Power Sensors MA244xD High Accuracy Diode Power Sensors.

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What is the Anritsu ML2438A?

It's a dual sensor input power meter from the ML2400A series designed for accurate, fast, and flexible power measurements.

What is the frequency range of the ML2438A?

The frequency range is sensor-dependent, typically covering from 100 kHz up to 65 GHz with the appropriate sensor.

What types of measurements can the ML2438A perform?

It can perform CW (Continuous Wave) and pulse modulated power measurements, with dynamic ranges varying by sensor.

What are the key features of the ML2438A?

The ML2438A offers features like a wide dynamic range, fast measurement speeds, and compatibility with a range of power sensors for diverse applications.