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Anritsu MS2080A-704

4 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu - MS2080A-704

Anritsu is proud to introduce the next line in handheld spectrum analyzer with real-time spectrum analysis. With frequency coverage up to 4 GHz, the new Field Master™ MS2080A completely redefines the standards for portable handheld analyzers, setting another new industry benchmark for performance and accuracy. The new MS2080A is the culmination of over 60 years of microwave test and measurement equipment development, using the very latest technologies to deliver accuracy and precision in measurements previously reserved only for benchtop instruments.

MS2080A-704 Product Highlights

• Modulation Bandwidth: 20 MHz standard, 40 MHz with Option 102

• Dynamic Range: > 105 dB Typical

• DANL: –167 dBm Typical with Preamp On

• Level Accuracy: ±1 dB

• Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 1 Hz up to 5 MHz

• RTSA with 2.5 µs PO

• Built In Preamplifier Included as Standard

• >3 Hour Battery Life

Anritsu & TRS-RenTelco

TRS-RenTelco is a proud partner of Anritsu and offers a wide range of rental, purchase and leasing solutions designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the electronic testing industry.  Our close relationship with Anritsu allows us to ensure we have the right Spectrum Analyzers solution for your job.

Renting Spectrum Analyzers

With TRS-RenTelco, renting Spectrum Analyzers equipment has never been easier. Enjoy same-day shipping, lease, and finance options on our inventory of over 5000 electronic testing equipment rentals. As one of North America’s largest test equipment rental providers, it is our mission to support the endeavors of our clients no matter how big or small with reliable expertise, excellent customer service, accuracy, and speed.

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--, 102, 1091-27-R, 199, 2000-1374-R, 2000-1751-R, 2000-1760-R, 2000-2053-R, 31, 40-207-R, 633-79, 704, 883, 888
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  • 102

    40 MHz Analysis Bandwidth

  • 1091-27-R

    Adapter, DC to 18 GHz, N(m)-SMA(f), 50 ohms

  • 199


  • 2000-1374-R


  • 2000-1751-R

    LTE Dipole Antenna, 698 - 960 / 1710 -2170 / 2500 - 2700 MHz, SMA(m), 2 dBi, typical, 50 ohms

  • 2000-1760-R

    GPS Antenna, SMA(m), 25 dB gain, requires 2.5 VDC to 3.7 VDC

  • 2000-2053-R


  • 31


  • 40-207-R

    Automotive Cigarette Lighter / 18 Volt DC Adapter

  • 633-79

    Li-Ion Battery 8400 mAh

  • 704

    4GHz SPA

  • 883

    LTE FDD/TDD Measurements

  • 888


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