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Anritsu MS9710B

Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Diffraction-grating spectrum analyzer (OSA) for analyzing optical spectra in the 600 to 1750 nm wavelength band. -90 dBm guaranteed optical reception sensitivity. Tracking with tunable laser source. Optical pulse measurement. Full range of WDM application functions. The MS9710B is targeted for installation, commissioning and maintenance of 100 GHz and 200 GHz DWDM systems. Internal 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and thermal printer.
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What is the wavelength range of the Anritsu MS9710B?

The MS9710B covers a wavelength range from 0.6 to 1.75 µm.

What dynamic range does the MS9710B offer?

It provides a dynamic range of 70 dB.

What is the guaranteed optical reception sensitivity of the MS9710B?

The analyzer guarantees an optical reception sensitivity of –90 dBm.

Can the MS9710B measure optical pulse characteristics?

Yes, it includes functions for optical pulse measurement.

Does the MS9710B support tracking with a tunable laser source?

Yes, it can track with a tunable laser source for enhanced measurement capabilities.

What are the key applications of the MS9710B?

It is used for spectrum analysis in WDM communication systems and for measuring the noise figure (NF) of fiber amplifiers, among other applications.

How does the MS9710B perform in terms of portability and weight?

It is designed for compact portability, being approximately 50% lighter than previous models.