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Anritsu S332D-10A

Site Master, 25 MHz to 4 GHz Cable, Antenna and Spectrum Analyzer, Type N(f)

SiteMaster S332D covering the 25 MHz to 4000 MHz are designed to accurately locate and identify RF cable feed-line and antenna system faults. These models are ideally suited for any experience level user in installing, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintaining today's wireless systems infrastructures including VHF, broadcasting, paging, cellular, PCS/GSM, 3G, ISM, WLAN and WLL applications. The SiteMaster S332D features spectrum analysis capability and optional power meter capability in addition to Return Loss/SWR, Cable Loss and Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurements, allowing field engineers and technicians the ability to easily identify and solve RF system problems such as coverage, interference, and other path related signal problems. SiteMaster S332D spectrum analysis ranges from 100 kHz to 3 GHz with one button measurements - Field Strength, Occupied Bandwidth (OBW), Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR), Interference Analysis and Carrier-to-Interference ratio (C/I). The SiteMaster S332D model includes data analysis software, soft carrying case, rechargeable/field-replaceable battery, AC/DC power supply, 12V automobile cigarette lighter adapter and users guide.

If you are looking for a new or well-maintained used Anritsu S332D-10A 25MHz to 4GHz cable & antenna spectrum analyzer for rent, lease or for sale, contact us or request a quote today.

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10A, 21, 29, 3, OSLN50LF
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  • 10A

    Variable Bias Tee

  • 21

    Transmission Measurement

  • 29

    Power Meter W/ Sensor

  • 3

    Color Screen

  • OSLN50LF

    Precision N(m)open/short/load

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Carrycase Soft

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  • Battery Nickel-Metal Hydride 24 W

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  • Cable DB 9(f) - DB 9(f)

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  • AC Adapter

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  • Adapter Automotive 12 VDC

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  • Cable Test Port Extension with Tuff-Grip 6 GHz

    Qty: 2
  • Open Short Load

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  • Cable Adapter USB-A to Serial Port(m)

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  • Bag Logo Accessory Large

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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