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Associated Research 3665

5 kV AC/6kV DC Hipot Tester

Perform entry-level AC/DC Hipot testing confidently with the Associated Research 3665 5 kV AC/6kV DC Hipot tester. The 3665 manual Hipot tester comes with an enhanced graphic LCD that simplifies the testing process with a user-interactive menu system.

The AR 3665 can be used as a bench-top instrument or can be controlled using the PLC Remote Control. It comes with an electronic ramp and dwell timers for more consistent and reliable testing.

You can also connect the 3665 Hipot tester to the HYAMP III Ground Bond tester family - this lets you form a complete test system in a single DUT connection.

Associated Research 3665 Features and Specifications:

  • Input voltage 115/230 VAC plus/minus 10%, user selectable
  • Input frequency 50/60 Hz plus/minus 5%
  • Fuse 3.15 A, fast-acting 250 VAC
  • Program memory: Ten memories, three steps per memory
  • Output rating 5000 V at 20 mA AC, 6000 V at 7.5 mA DC

Rent or lease the Associated Research 3665 5 kV AC/6kV DC Hipot tester from TRS-RenTelco and get 24/7 expert service for all your needs. Request a quote or contact us for details.

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What is the Associated Research 3665?

The Associated Research 3665 is an AC/DC Hipot Tester with a ground continuity check feature, part of the Hypot® III series. It's designed for dielectric withstand testing, providing a comprehensive solution for safety testing electrical and electronic devices.

What are the key features of the 3665?

The 3665 includes patented SmartGFI® safety circuitry, VERI-CHEK® for instrument operation validation, CAL-ALERT® for recalibration notifications, built-in adjustable continuity test, PLC remote control capabilities, 10 memory locations with 3 steps each for test parameter storage, electronic ramp and dwell timers, and the ability to interconnect with a ground bond tester for a complete test system.

What is the output rating of the 3665?

It has an output rating of 5000V at 20 mA AC and 6000V at 7.5 mA DC.

How does the 3665 handle ground continuity testing?

It features a built-in adjustable continuity test to check basic continuity, ensuring the integrity of the ground connections in electrical equipment.

Can the 3665 be integrated with other testing equipment?

Yes, it can be interconnected with an Associated Research Ground Bond tester to form a complete test system, enhancing its versatility in safety testing applications.

What is the significance of the SmartGFI® feature?

The SmartGFI® safety circuit protects the operator from shock hazards by quickly responding to excessive leakage currents, enhancing the safety of the testing process.

How does the 3665 facilitate test setup and execution?

The 3665 features a graphic LCD that simplifies the testing process from setup to results, providing an intuitive interface for the operator, and 10 memories with 3 steps per memory allow for easy storage and recall of test parameters.

What kind of remote control capabilities does the 3665 offer?

It offers PLC Remote Control capabilities, allowing operators to remotely control the Hipot tester, which is particularly useful for integrating the 3665 into automated test setups.

How is the operator protected during testing?

Besides the SmartGFI® feature, the 3665 includes a Remote Safety Interlock feature that prevents high voltage from being activated without the interlock being enabled, ensuring operator safety.

What accessories are available for the 3665?

Accessories include a high voltage retractable probe, a return probe for the return side of the Hypot III, the Safe-T-Probe test gun, and an interlocked footswitch for hands-off operation, providing additional flexibility and safety for various testing scenarios.