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Associated Research 3870

5 kVAC/6kVDC Hipot,Ground Continuity, Insulation Resistance

The new Hypot series 3870 testers are a powerful tool for production line hipot testing with on-board data storage. Raise the bar for safety and efficiency in hipot testing in ground continuity current, AC/DC withstand, and insulation resistance tests.

Enhance traceability of data with on-board storage without expensive test systems or connection to a PC. The Associated Research 3870 AC/DC hipot test set helps directly associate your test products to pre-programmed barcode-enabled test files.

Features and Specifications

  • Smart GFI automatic operator shock protection
  • Disable HV output with remote safety interlock
  • Import/export test files with the front-panel USB interface
  • Direct barcode connection
  • Touch-screen, multi-language user interface
  • Custom pop-up prompts displayed between tests give you alerts and instructions
  • Interconnection with HYAMP series to form a complete safety compliance system for hipot and ground-bond testing
  • Ramp-Hi reduces ramp time during DC hipot
  • Charge-Lo confirms proper device-under-test (DUT) connection
  • FailCHEKTM confirms failure detection 
  • Save up to 1,500 test results on-board
  • Voltage: 100 to 120 VAC/200 to 240 VAC  /- 10 percent auto-range
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz  /- 5 percent
  • Charge: Lo 0 to 350 uA DC or auto-set
  • 5 kV at 20 mA AC
  • 6 kV at 7.5 mA DC
  • Insulation resistance voltage output: 30 to 1,000 VDC
  • Resistance limits: 1 M ohms to 50,000 M ohms

View detailed technical specifications of the Associated Research 3870 hipot tester in the data sheet.

For testers that support up to 130 kV DC voltage output, check out the High Voltage, Inc. PTS-130 hipot tester. For arc detection needs, view the Associated Research 5560DT tester with nine sensitivity levels.

How Does the Associated Research Hipot 3870 Keep Operators Safe?

The SmartGFI system in the Associated Research 3870 tester forms a seamless safety net for the test operator. It detects excessive current leakage upon isolation of the DUT from the ground and saves the operator from high voltage.

3870 AC/DC Hipot Tester Accessories

  • H.V. adapter box
  • H.V. tTest lLead
  • Two return leads
  • Two fuses (one installed)
  • Interlock connector
  • Power cord
  • Operation manual
  • Service manual
  • Quick-start guide 
  • USB cable

Optional Accessories

  • 39067 DUT Enclosure (24%22 W x 19%22 D x 11.5%22 H) with safety interlock

What Is the Cost of Associated Research 3870 Hipot Test System?

The cost of buying a new Associated Research 3870 tester is approximately $2,700. For short-term projects, you can rent the less expensive Hypot Series 3870 insulation resistance tester. Typically, your final price will depend on any current offers or promotions, equipment condition, how long you'll need the device, and the accessories you refquire. Speak to our sales support team to know more.

Lease or rent the Associated Research Hypot series 3870 hipot testers online at TRS-RenTelco. See our full range of hipot testers.

Contact us by filling out the form or simply add the product to your cart. You can also call us at 800.874.7123 to speak to our experts before placing your order.

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  • Connector Interlock (installed in some units )

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  • USB Drive with Manuals and Software

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  • Connector Interlock label

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