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AstroNova DASH-18X

18 Channel Data Acquisition Recorder

The Astro-Med Dash-18X gives users the functionality of a scope, meter, data recorder, datalogger and audio recorder in one system with the footprint of a laptop computer with 18 universal inputs for voltage, thermocouple and bridge signals. The Dash 18X's large real-time waveform display, internal hard drive for capturing data, integral PC connectivity and optional chart recorder, give users the ability to view data in any format that they want. With audio and video snapshot recording - synchronized to waveform data - the Dash-18X ensures that users will capture all aspects of the test. The Astro-Med Dash-18X captures 18 channels of data continuously to a dedicated hard drive at a sample rate of 100 kHz per channel, allowing users to capture the details in high-speed glitches or transients. For long-term trend recording, the Dash-18X allows users to set the sample rate as low as one sample per minute for days, weeks or even months of recording. The flexible Dash-18X allows users to choose the sample rate that is best for the application. Three different data acquisition modes of the Dash-18X make it adaptable for any application. Real-time recording mode displays waveforms while capturing to the hard drive. Signals are displayed on the large, color display, giving instant data visibility. Scrolling waveforms show exactly what signals are doing in real-time. Use the scope mode for high-speed signals requiring greater timebase resolution. Scope mode gives a detailed, real-time view of high frequency signals while capturing data to the hard drive in the background. Traditional scope controls give the quickest and easiest way to look at high-speed data. Acquire/review mode is ideal for applications where immediate access to captured data is important. It allows users to look back at previously captured data without interrupting real-time recording.

If you are looking to acquire a new or well-maintained used Astro-Med DASH-18X for rent, contact TRS-RenTelco o

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