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AstroNova DASH-8-PM

8 CH Power Monitor - Data Acquisition Recorder
* 8 Channels of inputs for single phase and three phase power monitoring * 88 hours of continuous recording * Capture transients at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel * Months of trend recording * Measure a wide range of parameters with AstroPower software, including RMS current and voltage, real and reactive power, power factor and THD
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What is the AstroNova DASH-8-PM?

The AstroNova DASH-8-PM is a powerful data acquisition and power monitoring system that combines the functionalities of a high-end data recorder with innovative AstroPower™ monitoring software, offering both long-term trend recording and detailed power quality analysis in one system.

What are the typical applications of the DASH-8-PM?

It is designed for a wide range of applications including long-term power quality monitoring, capturing power trends, events, and transients, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipment.

How many channels does the DASH-8-PM support, and what can they monitor?

The DASH-8-PM features 8 channels capable of monitoring a variety of power parameters such as RMS current and voltage, real and reactive power, power factor, and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) across single and three-phase power systems.

What is the maximum recording duration of the DASH-8-PM?

The system can record power trends, events, and transients continuously for days at a sample rate of 6250 Hz per channel, with the ability to capture transients and glitches at 200 kHz per channel.

How does the DASH-8-PM display real-time data?

It features a 15-inch color touch-screen display that provides real-time views of voltage and current waveforms, allowing them to be displayed side by side, overlapped, or grouped logically with customizable waveform and background colors.

What software does the DASH-8-PM use for power monitoring?

The DASH-8-PM uses AstroPower™ monitoring software for detailed analysis of power quality and disturbances, with auto-configuration features for input setup and split-screen analysis for real-time power information.

Can the DASH-8-PM capture data from auxiliary inputs?

Yes, channels 7 & 8 can be used as auxiliary inputs to record any signal type, including tachometer signals, thermocouples, and other AC or DC high or low voltage signals.

What are the key software features for data capture on the DASH-8-PM?

AstroPower software allows for continuous mode recording of power trends and events, with the capability to define and capture critical power events such as voltage interrupts, sags, swells, frequency deviations, and harmonic disturbances.

How does the DASH-8-PM handle transient and snapshot recording?

It monitors signals and triggers captures based on predefined events, recording pre-event and post-event data at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel, optimizing storage by only capturing essential data.

What review and analysis tools does the DASH-8-PM offer?

The system provides informative review screens with event logs for pinpointing anomalies, a transient event viewer for detailed examination of high-resolution captures, and the capability to label and measure events using markers and cursors.