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AstroNova IBR1

Isolated, Differential Voltage (DC Bridge) Module

The Hach DR/820 Colorimeter combines ease of use with high testing capabilities and field readiness. Analysis requires minimal time and preparation, with results displayed directly on the large liquid-crystal display in concentration, percent transmittance, or absorbance units. The colorimeters include auto-wavelength selection, data logging capabilities and user-generated calibrations. These durable, hand-held, filter-photometer instruments are designed specifically for the rigors of on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, chemical-resistant housings. DR/800 Series Colorimeters offer simple, push-button program selection and step-by-step prompts that guide users through the testing procedure. These instruments are equally appreciated by experienced analysts who value test efficiency and by operators who require ease of use with accurate results. Main Features:

  • 20 Methods with Automatic Wavelength Detection
  • Easy-to-Use Software, Preprogrammed Methods, and Prepared Reagents
  • Data logging Capabilities
  • Readout in Concentration, Absorbance and % Transmittance
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof
  • Easy menu driven functionality for step-by-step analysis
  • Generate up to ten custom procedures with twelve data points each
  • Battery life is six months on two AA alkaline batters

Key Applications:

  • Drinking water and food quality analysis
  • Analyzing chemicals in an industrial setting
  • Test for the concentration of plant nutrients in soils
  • Find and analyze substances in a solution
  • Conduct COD measurements and detect Ammonia and Chlorine in boiler feeds
  • Test for Iron in many different water sources
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