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AstroNova IHV2

High Voltage Module for DASH-8-X/Xe Recorders
Isolated, Very High Voltage Module for DASH-8-X/Xe Recorders.
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Base Model
Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Alligator Clip Red

    Qty: 1
  • Alligator Clip Black 1000 V

    Qty: 1
  • Test Lead Black 1000 V

    Qty: 2
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What is the AstroNova IHV2 used for?

The AstroNova IHV2 is a high voltage module used with DASH-8-X/Xe recorders for isolated, very high voltage measurements.

What applications is the AstroNova IHV2 suitable for?

It is suitable for high voltage signal recording and monitoring in various industrial and laboratory settings.

What are the key features of the AstroNova IHV2?

Key features include high voltage isolation, compatibility with DASH-8-X/Xe recorders, and robust signal recording capabilities.

What accessories are included with the AstroNova IHV2 rental package?

The rental package includes red and black alligator clips rated at 1000V and black test leads also rated at 1000V.

Is the AstroNova IHV2 suitable for field use?

Yes, its robust design and high voltage isolation make it suitable for both field and laboratory use.

How is the AstroNova IHV2 powered?

It is powered through the connected DASH-8-X/Xe recorder system.

What is the voltage rating of the AstroNova IHV2 accessories?

The alligator clips and test leads included are rated at 1000V.

Can the AstroNova IHV2 be used for data logging?

Yes, it can be used for high voltage data logging when paired with the DASH-8-X/Xe recorders.

What is the isolation capability of the AstroNova IHV2?

It provides very high voltage isolation, ensuring safe and accurate measurements.

What rental and leasing options are available for the AstroNova IHV2?

TRS-RenTelco offers flexible rental, lease, and purchase options to meet different testing needs.