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California Instruments 1501IX

1500VA Single Phase AC/DC Power Source

Key Features:

  • Combination AC and DC Power Source and Power Analyzer
  • Replace multiple instruments with a single multifunction unit Single Phase Operation 1500VA of Output Power Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • User defined voltage waveform and distortion programming (C-iX Series) Built-in Digital Power Analyzer
  • Analyze frequency and time domain of both voltage and current (C-iX Series) Rack mountable Scope Capture Capability
  • Built in voltage and current waveform acquisition capability (C-iX Series) Powerful Programing Software
  • Powerful, yet easy to use, instrument control software included (Avionics test software also available) Constant Power Mode
  • Provides increased current at reduced voltage to maximize efficiency
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Base Model
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  • Cable USB-A - USB-B

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  • Cover Safety for Output

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  • Cover Safety for Input

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  • Shipping Crate Small Streamline Cable Assembly

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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