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PIM Testing and Mitigation Solutions

TRS-RenTelco offers a variety of PIM Testing and Mitigation Solutions from ConcealFab Corporation:

Part number: 007320-01
The PIM test probe is used in conjunction with other test and measurement equipment to precisely locate external PIM
sources in the field. Once PIM locations are identified, mitigation materials available from ConcealFab can be applied
to reduce the PIM levels and improve site performance.

  • Wide frequency bandwidth (600 MHz to 2700 MHz)
  • Low PIM when exposed to RF radiation
  • PIM magnitude insensitive to probe orientation
  • Rugged construction

ConcealFab's PIM blankets are temporary RF barriers that can be deployed to help isolate sources of passive
intermodulation (PIM). When a PIM blanket is placed over an external PIM source, PIM from that source is typically
reduced by >30 dB.

  • Low PIM
  • High RF attenuation
  • Heavy duty vinyl construction
  • Integrated tie-down loops (see catalog for available dimensions and kits)

PIM Shield (TM) tape is a rapidly deployable RF barrier able to bond to a wide variety of surfaces including metals,
single-ply roofing, multi-ply roofing, concrete, brick and wood. The tape's highly compliant synthetic resin adhesive
enables strong bonds to irregular surfaces. See installation instructions for surface preparation requirements.
PIM tape should only be installed by certified contractors using a PIM Probe to identify the exact PIM source locations.
It is highly recommended that contractors install a PIM blanket over the suspect area to verify PIM reduction before
applying PIM tape. Once applied, the tape is impossible to reposition and extremely difficult to remove.

  • Low PIM
  • High RF attenuation
  • UV stable TPO outer protective layer
  • High tack synthetic resin adhesive Read More
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