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Digitata Networks Americas CERC

Customer Experience Remote Control

What is CeRC?

  • CeRC (Customer Experience Remote Control) is a distributed solution that simulates the behaviour of customers/subscribers by performing predefined network service tests such as voice, data, USSD, SMS, IVR and application testing.
  • The CeRC solution consists of three distinct parts: i.e. IoT Platform (centralised backend), Gateway Controllers (distributed), and Mobile Handsets (distributed).
  • CeRC can control any number of mobile test devices connected to our IoT platform via a gateway controller. All devices connected to CeRC can be pooled and can be tasked to perform any network-related tests such as calling and/or data session tests.
  • The CeRC solution offers users the ability to remotely control a test device from any location as if they were holding the device in their hand, including options such as loading new applications, downloading files, recording audio etc.


  • CeRC allows predefined test cases to be built and automatically executed on the devices available in the system
  • Test cases are built using a drag and drop GUI
  • Cases are built using predefined script %22objects%22
  • Customers can build their own scripts to extend functionality
  • All gestures supported (tap, swipe, pinch)
  • All system keys (camera, audio, power etc.)
  • Most standard functions supported out of the box (Calling, SMS, USSD, IVR recording etc.)
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