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Dranetz TASK808/H-MY

TASKCard 808 for PP4300
TASKCard 808 for PP4300 with Harmonic Monitoring The TASKCard 808 adds electric power demand and energy analysis monitoring for the Dranetz 4300. Complete harmonic analysis of voltage, current and harmonic power as well as all individual harmonic orders to the 50th. Analyze electric power demand and energy, eight channel monitoring, 4 voltage and 4 current. Continuous monitoring: True RMS volts, true RMS amps, watts, VA, VAR, frequency, power factor, Vthd, Ithd, demand (W,VA,VAR) and energy (kWh, kVar, kVarh). Real time display of all monitored parameters in meter mode.
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  • DVIEW-808

    Dranview Taskcard 808 Driver

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