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Dynatel 965DSP-A

Subscriber Loop Test Set

The Dynatel 965DSP-A Subscriber Loop Test Set is well-suited for difficult operating environments, owing to its lightweight and rugged nature. Dynatel is a manufacturer that specializes in fields such as cable infrastructure, security, and audio/video systems.

The Dynatel 965 DSP-A test set comes with these key features:

  • Prequalification of ISDN and HDSL
  • Rugged and portable for harsh environments
  • Offers the right-mix of functions, from loop diagnostic routines to fault locating, transmission testing and combination test/terminal capabilities to execute a wide range of individual tests, or perform automatic test routines to categorize and sectionalize problems
  • On-line Help
  • Single-button Auto test DC and AC Volts, Current, Resistance
  • Resistance Fault Locate (Bridge)
  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer)
  • Opens meter, Load Coil Counter
  • Loss, Noise, Longitudinal Balance
  • Talk Set, Tone, Caller ID
  • Weather-resistant and weighs only 3.3 pounds

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