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EXFO AXS-850-1

Ethernet Test Set

AXS-200/850 Ethernet Test Set delivers comprehensive test functionalities without the typical complexity associated with Ethernet/IP testing. Whether for installing, turning up or maintaining Ethernet and IP services, the AXS-200/850 is ready to perform. Thanks to a feature set that includes RFC 2544, BERT, as well as IP connectivity tools such as ping and trace route, this lightweight, handheld unit provides front-line technicians with all the tools they need to get through their test cycles quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a new or well-maintained used Exfo AXS-850-1 ethernet test set for rent, lease or sale, contact us or request a quote today.


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FTB-8590, FTB-8591
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  • FTB-8591

    Sfp 1310nm Lc Connector

  • FTB-8590

    Sfp 850nm Lc Connector

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Cable USB-A - USB-B

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  • CD Software AXS-200/850 Ethernet Test Set

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  • AC Adapter

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  • Carrycase

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  • SFP Transceiver 850 nm LC Connector Finisar P/N FTLF8519P2BNL

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  • SFP Transceiver 1310 nm LC Connector Finisar P/N FTLF1319P1BTL

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  • CD Product Documentation

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