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Laser Source

The FLS-136A Laser Source features a dual-wavelength source. The unit delivers continuous wave (CW) signals for power/loss measurements and 2-kHz signal generation for fiber identification. Powering options include a 9 V battery and a standard AC adapter. The battery life offers a minimum of seven hours of continuous operation. An auto-off function with a 10-minute timer is included to preserve battery life.

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EUI-89, EUI-90, EUI-91
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  • EUI-89

    FC Adapter

  • EUI-90

    ST Adapter

  • EUI-91

    SC Adapter

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  • Carrycase Hard

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  • Holster PVC

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  • AC Adapter 9VDC 0.5A

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  • Battery 9 V

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  • Manual

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  • Adapter FC Universal Interface

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  • Adapter Universal Interface SC

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  • Adapter ST - Universal

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  • Adapter Universal LC

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