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PMD Analyzer Module

Housed in the FTB-400 portable platform, the FTB-5523 Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzer uses a patented approach to measuring PMD of installed links -- amplified or not -- as specified by the TIA's new FOTP-124A standard and according to the generalized interferometric approach (GINTY). It is the only PMD unit in the world to test through EDFAs, which is made possible thanks to the mathematical subtraction of the autocorrelation peak in the interferogram. This also enables the use of any source shape. For the first time, a PMD of zero can be measured as such. PMD is now measured precisely, no more mere assumptions.

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What is the EXFO FTB-5523?

The EXFO FTB-5523 is a Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Analyzer Module designed for accurate PMD measurements in optical networks. It is housed in the FTB-400 portable platform.

What are the key features of the EXFO FTB-5523?

Key features include a patented PMD measurement approach, ability to test through EDFAs, and precise measurement capabilities even for a PMD of zero.

What applications is the EXFO FTB-5523 suitable for?

It is ideal for testing installed optical links, both amplified and non-amplified, ensuring compliance with TIA's FOTP-124A standard.

What makes the EXFO FTB-5523 unique in PMD testing?

The EXFO FTB-5523 can test through EDFAs using mathematical subtraction of the autocorrelation peak, allowing for the use of any source shape.

How does the EXFO FTB-5523 handle PMD measurements?

It uses the generalized interferometric approach (GINTY) for precise PMD measurements, ensuring high accuracy.

What accessories are included with the EXFO FTB-5523?

Accessories include FC and SC universal interface adapters and a 10 dB optical attenuator (SC-SC).

Is the EXFO FTB-5523 portable and easy to use in the field?

Yes, it is housed in a portable FTB-400 platform, making it suitable for field use.

What are the physical dimensions and weight of the EXFO FTB-5523?

Specific dimensions and weight details are not provided on the product page; refer to the EXFO datasheet for detailed specifications.

Can the EXFO FTB-5523 be used with other EXFO analyzers?

Yes, it is compatible with other EXFO testing modules and can be integrated into a comprehensive testing setup.

Where can the EXFO FTB-5523 be rented, leased, or purchased?

The EXFO FTB-5523 can be rented, leased, or purchased through TRS-RenTelco. Visit their product page for more information.