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Optical Attenuator

The FVA-60B offers three attenuation display modes: Absolute (including insertion loss), Relative (in reference to 0.00 dB level) and x b (arbitrary value). Fourteen available wavelengths (1280 to 1580 nm): Matches your source wavelength to the nearest 10 nm for unbeatable accuracy. The FVA-60B features three complementary power sources for extended operation: a rechargeable NiCd battery, a 9 V alkaline backup battery and an AC adapter/charger for continuous operation.&btnSubmit=Please use the button below


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  • Holster PVC

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  • Battery 9 V

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  • Cable and Adapter RS232 InteRFace

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  • Adapter FC Universal Interface

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  • AC Adapter

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  • Case Softpack

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  • Battery Internal

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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