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Live Fiber Detector

The LFD-202E Live Fiber Detector allows you to detect traffic and measure signals anywhere on singlemode fibers without having to disconnect them. It also lets you check for signal presence before rerouting or maintenance, perform continuity tests and verify cable labeling. Based on non-destructive macro bending technology, the LFD-200 doesn't disrupt traffic, damage or overstress the fiber, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition.

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LFD-200T3B, LFD200T250, LFD200T900
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  • LFD200T250

    Interchangeable 250 Μm Head (Not Available With Model Lfd-203)

  • LFD200T900

    Interchangeable 900 Μm Head (Not Available With Model Lfd-203)

  • LFD-200T3B

    Interchangeable 3 Mm Head (Not Available With Model Lfd-203)

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  • Battery 9 V

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  • Adapter 3 mm

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  • Adapter 250

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  • Adapter 900

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  • Manual Operator

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  • Door Adapter Compartment

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