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Fluke 345

Power Quality Clamp Meter

The Fluke 345 is ideal for troubleshooting and logging data in power electronics, including variable frequency motor drives, high-efficiency lighting, and other loads that use switching electronics.

The multifaceted Fluke 345 works as a power quality logger, clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger, and digital power meter. It also doubles up as a Cat IV power analyzer. This all-in-one handheld meter saves you from buying separate equipment for every job in commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

Fluke 345 Clamp Meter Features and Specifications 

  • Analyze the harmonic spectrum for disruptive issues in critical equipment with a high-quality color display
  • Remove high-frequency noise using a low-pass filter
  • High EMC immunity design
  • Enable long-term power quality data logging and identify intermittent faults with internal memory feature
  • Hall-effect design helps measure DC current without breaking the circuit
  • Inrush capture: Analyze start-up current for spurious resets and nuisance circuit-breaker tripping (3 to 300 seconds)
  • Check electrical system capacity before loading
  • Directly measure DC ripple (percent) for batteries and DC systems
  • Power log software: View trends and screenshots, analyze and create reports, and download via USB. View graphs and generate reports
  • Three-phase power measurement capability for balanced loads
  • Accurate low-pass filter even in noisy environments with distorted waveforms on electronic loads
  • Clamp-on measurement of AC current (1,400A rms) and DC current (0A to 2,000A rms) without breaking the circuit
  • Typical battery life: 10 hours (full backlight) and 12 hours (reduced backlight)
  • Operating temperature range (indoor use): 0 degree C to 50 degree C
  • Crest factor: 1.1 greater than or equal to CF < 3 ( /-3 percent rdg /-5 digits), 3 to CF less than less than 0.99
  • Weight: 820g

What Are Some Applications of the Fluke 345 Clamp Meter?

  • Setup and troubleshoot variable frequency drives, UPS systems, and electronic lighting by measuring key power quality parameters
  • Measure harmonics
  • Capture inrush current
  • Check system capacity before adding new loads

This Fluke meter is ideal for industrial maintenance, power management, and maintenance and repair in power electronics.

Power Meter Safety Standards

This Fluke power meter is compliant with IEC 61010-1/2 safety standards and the highest safety rating 600V CAT-IV, for use at the service entrance.

Rent or lease Fluke 345 power quality clamp meters online at TRS-RenTelco. Our expert metrologists calibrate the equipment in our ISO/IEC 17025:2017-compliant laboratory.

Get next-day delivery options and 24/7 support across the United States when you procure equipment from us. Call 800.874.7123.

  greater than or equal 5 ( /-5 percent rdg /-5 digits), resolution = 0.01
  • Power factor range: 0.3 greater than PF
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