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Fluke 5700A

Multifunction Calibrator

Long considered the global calibration benchmark, the Fluke 5700A delivers high value and cal check confidence while reducing ownership costs.

The five-function calibrator helps meet the most demanding electrical calibration workload. Since its inception in 1988, it is the preferred calibration standard across government and industrial sectors and has earned a reputation for dependability and quality.

This multifunction calibrator can help achieve calibration for sound level, radio frequency, power meter, voltage current, or any other electronic equipment calibration. You can monitor and solve equipment problems without having to refer to off-site solutions and sources.

The 5700A Series-II calibrator offers ease of use, low cost of ownership, rugged design, simplified support, and confidence-building, high-performance features.

Fluke 5700A Calibrator Key Features and Specifications

  • DC voltage ranges: 0 to /- 1,100V, best one-year specification: /- 7.0 ppm of setting
  • AC voltage ranges: 220 mV to 1.100V, 10Hz to 1MHz, best one-year specifications: /- 75.0 ppm of setting
  • Resistance ranges: 0 to 100 MW, 18 values in x1.9 and x1. Best one-year specifications: /- 12.0 ppm
  • DC current ranges: 0 to U2.2A (11A with 5725A). Best one-year specification: U50 ppm of setting
  • AC current ranges: 9 mA to 2.2A (11A with 5725A) 10Hz to 10kHz. Best one-year specification: +/-140 ppm of setting 
  • 5700A-03 wideband AC voltage option, compatible with both 5700A and the 5720A models
  • Interfaces: RS-232, IEEE-488, and Fluke 5725A, 5220A, 5205A, and 5215A amplifiers
  • Accuracy: 8.5 digits with the 5700A Series II and 5720A instruments
  • Operating temperature range: 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C
  • Choice of confidence levels: Standard Fluke 99 percent and 95 percent for easy measurement comparisons according to international quality standards, including ISO 9000 and ISO Guide 25
  • Artifact calibration feature to keep the support costs low. Only three artifact standards required: A 10V DC reference and 1O and 10 kO resistance references to calibrate all ranges and functions to full specifications.

Front-panel instructions prompt the operator to make connections and inputs at each step. Control the process and complete it in one hour, as compared to several hours using traditional methods.

  • Simple calculator-style keyboard
  • Real-time clock and calendar to date-stamp reports

Fluke 5700A Applications

  • Easier power calibration
  • Improved test accuracies and measurement uncertainties. Characterize and discipline electrical calibrator instrumentation
  • Oscilloscope calibration
  • Specifications checks of precision meters
  • Fast, convenient, and cost-effective artifact calibration

Rent or lease the Fluke 5700A multifunction calibration device online at TRS-RenTelco.

We calibrate all equipment in our ISO/IEC 17025:2017-compliant laboratory. Get fast shipping and next-day delivery options across the US with 24/7 customer support.

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