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FuturePlus Systems FS2800A

The DDR Detective® DDR Memory compliance

The DDR Detective is the most comprehensive DDR Memory compliance, validation and performance analysis tool on the market.  It provides:Support of DDR4, DDR3, LPDDR4, LPDDR3 protocols all in one unit Real Time all the time JEDEC memory compliance violation detection

Deep, logic analyzer like transaction Listing and Waveform capture Thousands of Real Time all the time Performance counters

System characterization using real time counters not traditional trace, stop, then compute method, which misses valuable bus traffic

Passive, physically small probing supports cell phones to servers
DDR3 Row Hammer Detection

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FS2800A, FS2803A, FS2820A, FS2823A, FS2850A
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  • FS2800A

    DDR Detective DDR4 3200MT/s Support

  • FS2803A

    DDR4 3DS Support Added to the FS2800A

  • FS2820A

    Violation Detection (SW)

  • FS2823A

    DDR4 DIMM interposer for the FS2800 (HW)

  • FS2850A

    Performance Counters 2666MT/s (SW)

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  • DIMM Interposer DDR3 2400MT/s

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  • AC Adapter 100 V - 240 V

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