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Hioki IR3455-01

5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester

Use high-performance features and measure insulation of high-voltage equipment such as transformers and cables effortlessly with the Hioki IR3455-01 Insulation Resistance Tester.

The Hioki IR3455-01 Insulation Resistance Tester Megohmmeters features an all-in-one designs including built-in rugged cases and test lead storage compartments. The IR3455 is a 5-range, 250V to 5000V digital insulation resistance tester with up to 10 Tomega of insulated resistance testing. High-performance features include a bargraph, leak current and voltage testing, built-in memory, and DAR and PI calculation capabilities that help shorten work time associated with field insulation testing.

Hioki IR3455-01 - Features and Specifications:

  • Generate test voltages ranging from 250 V to 5 kV
  • Short-circuit current 2 mA or less
  • Wide measurement insulation range, up to 10 T omega
  • PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) automatically calculated and displayed
  • Data memory function to reduce handwritten notes
  • Bright LED luminous scale
  • Extended operating temperature range of -10C to 50C

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