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Hipotronics 750-2

50 kV AC Hipot

Efficiently test cables, wires, circuit boards, appliances, electric motors, transformers and other electric and electronic devices with the versatile Hipotronics 750-2 hipot (high potential) dielectric tester. The Hipot 750-2 dielectric test set provides AC test power for a variety of capacitive inductive or resistive loads to accurately test and verify electrical insulation of a product.

As a product ages its insulation may break down, possibly resulting in current flow leakage. The 750-2 keeps the product quality and safety in check by detecting gaps, defects, and faulty conditions in the electronic device that result in current leakages.

Hipotronics dielectric testers require minimal setup time, have surge-compensated HV transformer windings, and let you take fast, accurate readings.

The 750-2 is designed for the purpose of performing high-voltage AC tests on electrical devices in compliance with national test standards, such as the IEC60, IEEE 4, and IEC 270. This superior product from Hipotronics delivers outstanding reliability, exceptional durability, and excellent functionality.

This SIL3-compatible Hipot tester from Hipotronics is widely used in industrial product testing and inspection. Test applications include transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, sample cable lengths, connectors, rotating machines, capacitors, insulating materials, switchgear, transmission line hardware, arrestors, and HV components.

Hipotronics 750-2 Features and Specifications:

  • Input voltage: 90V to 264V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Max output voltage: 50kV 
  • Max output current: 40 mA
  • Output power rating: 20kVA
  • Voltage output range: 0.5 percent to 100 percent of F.S.
  • Accuracy of voltage and current measurements:  /- 1.5 percent of reading  /- 0.2 percent of F.S
  • Measurement resolution: 0.01kV, 0.01 mA
  • Accuracy of ramp rate: /- 5 percent 
  • HV weight (net): Separate components: 450 pounds (204kg) Hipotronics 750-2

Hipot Tester Rental

TRS-RenTelco offers new and well maintained used Hipotronics 750-2 50kV AC hipot for rent and lease.

We provide 24/7 customer support and fast delivery options on a wide range of products. To know more about our test equipment, accessories, and related items or to request a quote, contact us at 800.874.7123 today.

For general information, product delivery, feedback, and questions, you can also email us at trs@trs-rentelco.com. For all product support inquiries, email us at ccc.servicecall@trs-rentelco.com.

  • Step resolution: 0.5 percent of full scale
  • PD baseline =20pC up to full voltage for oil-insulated transformers
  • Controller dimensions: Separate components (W x H x D): 16.60%22 x 7.75%22 x 20.5%22
  • Controller weight: Separate components: 35 pounds (16kg)
  • Duty cycle: Separate components: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF, 6 times per day or continuous at 90 percent rated voltage and 75 percent rated current
  • HV source dimensions: Separate components: (W x H x D): 20.50%22 x 25.00%22 x 31.00%22
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