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Hipotronics KVM100

100 kV AC/DC Digital Meter
The HIPOTRONICS KVM Series of kilovoltmeters are highly accurate, portable voltage measurement systems traceable to NIST standards. The KVM series consists of a high voltage divider assembly, a precision readout device, durable carrying case and interconnection leads. The carrying case and battery operation make the system completely portable for field testing while the precision divider assembly and readout device make it suitable for laboratory use. Dual Range 0 to 10 kV / 0 to 100 kV.
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  • Cord Power

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  • Cable BNC(m) - BNC(m) 25 ft

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  • Divider High Voltage

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  • Manual

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  • Ground Strap

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  • Spinning with Nut 6 in

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