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Kaelus RTF-1000B

RTF Module, 600 to 960 MHz, 7/16 DIN(f)

Speed up site repairs by accurately measuring the location of PIM and Return Loss faults in your RF system with the Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-1000B Range to Fault (RTF) module.

The RTF module's highly intuitive touchscreen user interface makes it convenient and easy to operate. The Kaelus RTF-1000B offers superior troubleshooting capabilities with the PIM and Return Loss vs. distance data. It can also switch between different test modes without needing to disconnect the line under test.

Kaelus RTF-1000B Features and Specifications:

  • Frequency range: 600MHz to 960MHz
  • Residual PIM: < -120dBm/-163dBc maximum (<-125dBm/-168dBc typical) at 2x 43dBm test tones
  • User interface ports:
    -1x USB
    -1x Auxiliary port (Type N female)
    -1x RF output (7-16 DIN female)
    -1x RF input (7-16 DIN male)
  • Power: 12V DC supplied via auxiliary port
  • RF power (PIM): 2x 43dBm supplied by iPA or iBA
  • RF power (Return Loss): -20dBm supplied by RTF module
  • Supported iBA models: 0600, 0700L, 0700H, 0703, 0790, 0850, 0900, 0901
  • Supported iPA models: 0600, 0707, 0703, 0790, 0850, 0900, 0901

The Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-1000B RTF module, 600MHz-to-960MHz, 7/16 DIN (f) is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 support. To know more or to get a quote, call us at 800.874.7123.

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