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Keysight Technologies 1131A

3.5 GHz Active Probe
The InfiniiMax 3.5 GHz 1131A probe amplifier (in conjunction with the E2669A differential or E2668A single-ended connectivity kits), was designed to be used with the Infiniium 2.5 GHz 54853A oscilloscope. This combination provides a full system bandwidth of 2.5 GHz to the probe tip. InfiniiMax maximizes measurement performance for both hands-on (e.g., browsing) or hands-off measurements, such as solder-in, socketed or SMA connections.
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  • Ground Wire Differential

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  • Magnifying Lens

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  • Carrycase

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  • Velcro and loop 5/8" round

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  • Velcro and loop 5/8" round

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  • Velcro Strip

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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