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Keysight Technologies 16717A

68 Channel 333 MHz State, 2 GHz Timing Logic Analyzer
The Keysight (formerly Agilent) 16717A 333 MHz state and 2 GHz timing logic analyzer module offers high performance state and timing analysis features for your future digital designs. It utilizes Keysight (formerly Agilent)'s breakthrough VisiTrigger technology. Features
  • 2 GHz Timing Zoom
  • Simultaneously acquire up to 2 GHz timing and 333 MHz state data across all channels through a single connection to your device under test.
  • Provides superior flexibility in high-speed data capture with a variable sample rate from 250 MHz to 2 GHz, 16K memory depth, and variable placement of Timing Zoom data around the trigger point.
  • 2M of acquisition memory is available on each channel to capture the information you need to link the symptom of a problem with the cause.
  • Up to 340 2M deep channels simultaneously available.
  • Each module offers 68 channels with 2M memory depth per channel.
  • Half channel timing mode provides up to 4M memory depth per channel.
  • Connect up to five modules together for a 340 channel system.
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    • Probe Assembly

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    • Probe Lead (Set Of 5)

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    • Ground Lead (Pack of 5)

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    • Cable Master Expansion (Installed On Board) 2 by 10

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    • Grabber Kit (Set Of 20)

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    • Card Quick Start for Visitrigger

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    • Cable Logic Y-Type for 2 Input Pods

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