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Keysight Technologies 3478A

5-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter with HPIB interface
The 3478A provides a low cost, full function, reliable DMM for system measurements. Selectable 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 digit resolution and 5 autoranging functions offer flexibility in automated testing. The 3478A can measure DCV, true RMS ACV, 2- and 4-wire ohms, and dc and ac current. Simple, fast electronic calibration eliminates all adjustments to provide a lower cost of ownership. Selectable speed and resolution provide the right capability for your measurement. The 3478A can perform production tests or acquire experimental data at 90 readings/s with 3 1/2 digit resolution, or take 35 readings/s with 130 dB of noise rejection using 4 1/2 digits. The 5 1/2 digit mode offers 100 nVdc and 100 ?W resolution for precise measurements. True RMS with 300 kHz bandwidth and 4:1 crest factor provides reliable measurements of ac signals. Fast autoranging makes the first reading useful and accurate. Switchable front/rear inputs permit flexible system connections. The Voltmeter Complete output and External Trigger input allow synchronization of the 3478A with a scanner for fast multiplexed measurements without the delay of software commands. The test program can write prompt messages or results on the alphanumeric display. The operator can respond by pressing the 3478A's SRQ key to interrupt the controller and start the next test. Built-in self-test capability assures proper operation.
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What is the Keysight 3478A?

The Keysight 3478A is a 5.5-digit digital multimeter designed for accurate and reliable measurements in various automated testing environments.

What are the key features of the Keysight 3478A?

Key features include selectable resolution (3.5 to 5.5 digits), five autoranging functions, the ability to measure DCV, true RMS ACV, 2- and 4-wire ohms, and DC and AC current.

What applications is the Keysight 3478A suitable for?

It is ideal for production tests, experimental data acquisition, and automated testing in labs and manufacturing settings.

How does the Keysight 3478A enhance measurement efficiency?

It offers fast autoranging, selectable speed and resolution, and the ability to synchronize with scanners for multiplexed measurements, improving overall testing efficiency.

What connectivity options does the Keysight 3478A support?

The 3478A features HPIB (IEEE-488) interface for easy integration into automated test systems.

What accessories are included with the Keysight 3478A?

Accessories include a power cord, test lead set, and operating manual.

Is the Keysight 3478A user-friendly?

Yes, it features a clear alphanumeric display and front/rear input switching for flexible system connections.

What is the resolution range of the Keysight 3478A?

The resolution ranges from 3.5 digits to 5.5 digits, allowing for precision measurements down to 100 nVdc and 100 µΩ.

How does the Keysight 3478A ensure accurate measurements?

It uses true RMS with 300 kHz bandwidth and 4:1 crest factor for reliable AC signal measurements, and offers fast electronic calibration.

Where can the Keysight 3478A be rented, leased, or purchased?

The Keysight 3478A can be rented, leased, or purchased through TRS-RenTelco.