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Keysight Technologies 81101A

1 Channel 50 MHz Pulse Generator

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) 81101A, 81104A, 81110A and 81130A generate all the standard pulses and digital patterns needed to test current logic technologies (CMOS, TTL, LVDS, ECL, etc.). With the optional second channel on all of the models from 80 MHz to 660 MHz, multi-level and multi-timing signals can be obtained using the internal channel addition feature. Variable pulse parameters in pattern mode as well as in pulse mode (not on the 81130A).

Key Features:

  • Synchronously triggerable
  • Simulation of reflections/distortions (81104A, 81110A)
  • Three/four-level codes (81104A, 81110A) Key Features
  • Synchronously triggerable
  • Simulation of reflections/distortions (81104A, 81110A)
  • Three/four-level codes (81104A, 81110A)
  • Pattern mode on all models from 80 MHz to 660 MHz, including pseudo-random binary sequence
  • The outputs of dual-channel instruments can be added (analog or EXOR, depending on model)
  • User-retrofittable channels for most models
  • Upward compatibility
  • Individual solutions for frequencies up to 50, 80, 165, 330, 400 and 660 MHz
  • 100% form/fit compatibility

If you are looking for a new or well-maintained Keysight (formerly Agilent) - 81101A 50 MHZ 1 CH Pulse Generator for rent or lease, contact us or request a quote today.

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What is the Keysight 81101A?

The Keysight 81101A is a 50 MHz, single-channel pulse generator used to generate standard pulses and digital patterns for testing current logic technologies, such as CMOS, TTL, LVDS, and ECL.

What are the key features of the Keysight 81101A?

Key features include synchronous triggering, simulation of reflections and distortions, pattern mode with pseudo-random binary sequences, and user-retrofittable channels for expanded functionality.

What applications is the Keysight 81101A suitable for?

It is ideal for testing and debugging digital circuits, logic devices, and communication systems, ensuring signal integrity and performance.

How does the Keysight 81101A enhance testing capabilities?

It offers precise control of pulse parameters, enabling detailed analysis and verification of digital signals, and supports multi-level and multi-timing signal generation.

What connectivity options does the Keysight 81101A support?

The pulse generator supports various connection interfaces, making it easy to integrate into automated test setups.

What accessories are included with the Keysight 81101A?

Accessories include a power cord and a quick start guide.

Is the Keysight 81101A user-friendly?

Yes, its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set make it user-friendly for various testing applications.

What is the output frequency range of the Keysight 81101A?

The device supports an output frequency range of up to 50 MHz.

What are the pulse generation capabilities of the Keysight 81101A?

It can generate standard pulses, digital patterns, and pseudo-random binary sequences with variable pulse parameters.

Where can the Keysight 81101A be rented, leased, or purchased?

The Keysight 81101A can be rented, leased, or purchased through TRS-RenTelco