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Keysight Technologies 8114A

100V / 2A High Power Pulse Generator, 2.4 mm (f)

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8114A high power pulse generator delivers fast, clean positive or negative pulses up to 100 V at frequencies up to 15 MHz. The Keysight 8114A protects the device through user-definable limits for voltage, current and duty cycle. Additionally, a TTL input in the 8114A allows the output to be enabled or disabled. An option is available that allows the baseline to be adjusted in the -25 V range. In the 50 Ohm/50 Ohm mode on the Keysight 8114A, the maximum voltage is 50 Vpp with transitions less than 7 ns.

The Keysight 8114A, in addition to simulating transients and glitches, is highly capable of characterizing and testing devices requiring high voltage or current pulses, such as flash memories, power MOS devices, IR/laser diodes, and radar devices.

Keysight 8114A - Features and Specifications:

  • 100 V, 2 A pulses into 50 ohms
  • Single-channel high power pulse generator
  • Frequency up to 15 MHz
  • Maximum voltage of 50 Vpp in the 50 ohms / 50 ohms mode
  • Maximum current 2 A (HI-Z/50 ohms)
  • Maximum amplitude 100 V (HI-Z/50 ohms)
  • Voltage, current, and duty cycle safety
  • GPIB, SCPI programming commands
  • Optional baseline shift of plus/minus 25 V

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