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Keysight Technologies 89601B-105

Dynamic Link to EEsof ADS and SystemVue, License
Option 105 enables tight, interactive integration with Keysight (formerly Agilent) EEsof Advanced Design System and SystemVue to analyze simulation results. Analyze computational data produced by an ADS* model or link real-world data to a model.
  • Drag the VSA icon to the desired spot in the schematic to dynamically link the 89600B software to any point in the digital model and start measuring 
  • Record measured or computed data from ADS/SystemVue and play it back for further analysis
  • Link real-world signals acquired by the 89600B software to the simulation to provide an actual signal environment for your designs 
  • Create signals with simulation results, output them via a signal generator, and provide a signal source to your prototype hardware 
  • Measure the output of real prototype hardware with the 89600B VSA to provide a signal source to a simulation
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