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Keysight Technologies 89601B-B7Y

Mobile and Fixed WiMAX Modulation Analysis

The 89600 VSA software is your window into what's happening inside complex wireless devices. Option B7Y offers a comprehensive tool set to evaluate the complex IEEE 802.16e-2009 OFDMA physical layer signaling format.

  • Analyze your signal from the frame level all the way down to the raw bit level 
  • Evaluate your results using a wide selection of measurement tools including compound constellation color-coded by data burst, EVM traces, preamble measurements, multiple displays and linked markers 
  • Automatically decode and display the contents of the FCH, DL-MAP, and UL-MAP
  • Analyze I/Q parameters for the overall sub-frame or data burst in the sub-frame. All traces color coded by data burst 
  • Evaluate the preamble RCE, PCINR, R-1 and R-3, measure carrier spacing, power, duration, and more
  • Compare the preamble's actual pattern to the pattern called out by the standard with the synch correlation (Sync Corr) indicator 
  • Monitor PRBS status information: pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) determines carrier and pilot position. If the wrong PRBS is detected, the software automatically determines the actual PRBS, displays it and demodulates the signal
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