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Keysight Technologies 89601B-B7Z

802.11n MIMO Modulation Analysis

The 89600 VSA software is your window into what?s happening inside complex wireless devices. The advanced troubleshooting and evaluation tool set provided by Option B7Z is specifically designed to handle the combined MIMO and OFDM complexity of 802.11n signals.

  • Supports: duplicate legacy, mixed mode, HT-duplicate, and green field formats
  • Measure EVM, I/Q parameters, and view the constellation of two spatial streams at once
  • Use coherence and cross correlation functions to quantify the impact one spatial stream has on the other
  • Read the contents of the L-SIG and HT-SIG fields. CCDF, power vs. time, and time-gated measures are all provided
  • Analyze EVM by symbol, carrier or burst, measure I/Q parameters, center frequency, bandwidth, power, ACPR, demodulate to the raw bit level
  • Evaluate your results with easy-to-use measurement tools, such as compound constellations, EVM traces, color coding, and multiple displays
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