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Keysight Technologies DSOS204A

4 Ch 2GHz Oscilloscope - Infiniium S Series

Infiniium S-Series high-definition oscilloscopes incorporate new technology to deliver superior measurements. A 10-bit ADC, low-noise front end, correction filters, vertical scaling support down to 2 mV/division, and a precise time base produce high-fidelity measurements. In addition, its advanced frame and broad range of capability enable the S-Series oscilloscopes to tackle a wide range of test needs.

MATLAB software is available directly from Keysight for making your own custom measurement and analysis routines, user-defined filters or instrument applications

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  • Cord Power

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  • Probe N2873A

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  • Accessory Pouch

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  • Mouse Optical

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  • Keyboard Mini USB

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  • Cover Front Protection

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  • Cable Calibration 50 Ohm BNC(m) - BNC(m)

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  • USB Software I/O Libraries, v18.2.28229

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