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Keysight Technologies E3645A

80W (35V/2.2A or 60V/1.3A) DC Power Supply

The Keysight E3645A is a high-performance 80-watt single-output, dual-range programmable DC power supply. The E3645A features built-in GPIB, RS-232 connectivity and SCPI language compatibility making it easy to develop flexible power programs. The combination of bench-top and system specifications in the Keysight E3645A delivers versatile solutions for your design and test requirements. For general-purpose use, this programmable Keysight E3645A offers the performance of a system power supply at an affordable price.

Keysight E3645A - Features and Specifications:

  • Single output
  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • Maximum Power Rating: 80W
  • Excellent load and line regulation
  • Dual Range: DC Output Rating: 35V, 2.2A or 60V, 1.3A
  • Built-in GPIB and RS-232
  • SCPI compatible
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • High-voltage protection and remote voltage sensing
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • Convenient, ruggedized case with non-skid feet
  • High visibility vacuum-fluorescent display

You can rent or purchase the Keysight E3645A from TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 customer support.

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