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Keysight Technologies E4424B

2 GHz ESG-AP Signal Generator, Type N (f)

Get outstanding phase noise performance and analog modulation for all your general testing needs with the Keysight (formerly Agilent) E4424B 2 GHz ESG-AP Signal Generator. The E4424B offers exceptional performance with superior quality and reliability.

The Keysight E4424B provides extensive analog modulation capabilities, including AM, FM, phase modulation and pulse modulation. It's an excellent solution for measuring responses of filters, amplifiers, and electrical components, and is best suited to meet the requirements of receiver test, component test, and local oscillator applications.

Keysight E4424B - Features and Specifications:

  • Frequency range: 250 kHz-2 GHz
  • Resolution: 0.01 Hz
  • Underrange: 100 kHz
  • Power requirements: 90 to 254 V; 50, 60, or 400 Hz; 200 W maximum
  • Step sweep (frequency, power and list)
  • High spectral purity
  • Built-in function generator

If you are looking for a new or well-maintained used Keysight (formerly Agilent) E4424B 2 GHz ESG-AP signal generator for rent or lease, contact us or request a quote today.

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