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Keysight Technologies E7515B

UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform

Keysight's 5G Network Emulation Solutions enable the 5G device ecosystem to accelerate from development to deployment. The solutions span and connect the entire device workflow from R&D and design validation, to conformance verification, carrier acceptance and manufacturing. The integrated software-centric approach, with a common scripting engine, 5G stack and advanced analysis tools allows users to eliminate disconnected workflows across the device ecosystem and between teams to achieve more cost-efficient test methods. Exploit a high level of flexibility and control to fast-track test case creation and gain deeper insights from your analysis processes.

Keysight's 5G Network Emulation Solutions are built on the E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform - a highly-integrated signaling test platform with multi-format stack support, rich processing power and abundant RF resources. Supporting the latest 3GPP Release 15 and beyond, the UXM 5G enables users to establish a 5G call with a device under test (DUT) in different 5G NR deployment modes (non-stand alone (NSA) and stand-alone (SA)) and frequency bands (FR1 and FR2) and perform signaling test in terms of device RF characteristics, protocol compliance and functional key performance indicators.

The E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform is used in Keysight's 5G Protocol R&D Toolset and 5G RF DVT Toolset that form part of Keysight's suite of 5G Network Emulation Solutions.

The highly-integrated design of the UXM 5G optimizes use of lab space and supports extended test coverage in a single unit, including the following capability:

  • 5G NR 8CC DL and 4 CC UL 2x2, with LTE 2CC
  • Wide bandwidth in each RF port
  • Multi Angle of Arrival test
  • Internal fading

Frequency extensions to high IF and mmWave are supported with the use of a common interface unit and remote radio heads (RRH).

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--, C8700200A, C8700200A-R-C5C-001-A, C8700200A-R-C6D-001-L, C8702000A, C8702000A-R-C5C-001-A, C8702000A-R-C6D-001-L, C870250AA, C870250AA-R-C5C-001-A, C870250AA-R-C6D-001-L, C87300R1A, C87300R1A-R-C5A-001-A, C87300R1A-R-C6B-001-L, C8730115A, C8730115A-R-C5A-001-A, C8730115A-R-C6B-001-L, C87350R1A, C87350R1A-R-C5A-001-A, C87350R1A-R-C6B-001-L, C8735115A, C8735115A-R-C5A-001-A, C8735115A-R-C6B-001-L, C8801A, E7515B-506, E7515B-PA1, E7515B-PB1, E7515B-PC1, E7515B-PD1, E7515B-R-C7A-001-1
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  • C8702000A-R-C5C-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C8700200A

    Test Application Framework

  • C8700200A-R-C5C-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C8700200A-R-C6D-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C8702000A

    RF Automation Toolset Application

  • C8702000A-R-C6D-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C870250AA

    RFa 5G NR T-0A: RF Transmitter And Receiver Tests (FR1/FR2)

  • C870250AA-R-C5C-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C870250AA-R-C6D-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C87300R1A

    LTE Ul RF Measurements

  • C87300R1A-R-C5A-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C87300R1A-R-C6B-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C8730115A

    LTE Rel 15 Core Signaling

  • C8730115A-R-C5A-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C8730115A-R-C6B-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C87350R1A

    5G NR Ul RF Measurements

  • C87350R1A-R-C5A-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C87350R1A-R-C6B-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C8735115A

    5G NR Rel 15 - Core Signaling

  • C8735115A-R-C5A-001-A

    Node-Locked Perpetual License

  • C8735115A-R-C6B-001-L

    Keysightcare Software Support SubScription, Node-Locked - 12 Months

  • C8801A

    NES Accessory Kit 1 (Computer & Monitor)

  • E7515B-R-C7A-001-1

    Hardware Support Plan - 1 Year

  • E7515B-506

    Frequency Range 300 MHz To 6 GHz

  • E7515B-PA1

    Protocol Processor A

  • E7515B-PB1

    Protocol Processor B

  • E7515B-PC1

    Protocol Processor C

  • E7515B-PD1

    Protocol Processor D

  • E7515B-R81

    RF Up/Down Converter (8 Out/4 In) 800 MHz Aggregated NR Bandwidth

  • E7515B-SA1

    Signal Processing Module A

  • E7515B-SB1

    Signal Processing Module B

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