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Keysight Technologies J1981B

Voice Quality Tester
The Telegra VQT provides end-to-end voice quality testing and analysis of clarity and delay, which are important parameters that determine quality for voice networks. It is designed for engineers who develop, deploy and operate voice network devices and services. It can be used as benchtop tester in the lab or as a portable tester in the field. Applications include: developing voice systems such as voice gateways or PBXs; validating voice quality; integrating voice gateways into IP, ATM or frame-relay networks; installing voice systems; troubleshooting voice networks; and operating and maintaining voice networks.
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200, 201, J1982A, J1983A, J1997A
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  • 201

    VQT T1 Interface

  • J1997A

    PESQ Software

  • J1982A

    PAMS Software

  • J1983A

    PSQM Software

  • 200

    VQT Analog Interface

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  • Software VQT Ver4.50

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  • Manual VQT Setup Guide

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