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Keysight Technologies M8050A-120GBD-GEN

120GBaud Pattern Generator use in phy layer characterization

The Keysight M8050A high-performance bit error ratio tester (BERT) enables accurate characterization of receivers used in next-generation data center networks and server interfaces. With uncompromised signal integrity, support for NRZ, PAM4, PAM6, and PAM8 signals, and data rates up to 120 GBd, the flexible architecture of the M8050A supports 1.6T pathfinding as well as other leading-edge technologies.

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  • Configurations
--, M8009A-061, M8009A-0G3, M8009A-0G6, M8042A-0G1, M8042A-0G4, M8042A-801, M8042A-G12, M8050A-BU2, M8059A-801, M8059A-802, M8059A-FG
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  • M8009A-061

    Clock Generator 1 Channel, 60 GHz, 1 slot AXIe

  • M8009A-0G3

    Advanced Jitter Modulation for up to two Channels, Licence

  • M8009A-0G6

    Reference Clock Multiplier, License

  • M8042A-0G1

    Pattern Generator NRZ and PAM4, 1 Channel, 2-slot AXIe Module

  • M8042A-0G4

    De-emphasis, module-wide License

  • M8042A-801

    Clock Cable Semi-rigid for Pattern Generator M8042A, Channel 1

  • M8042A-G12

    Pattern Generator, 120 Gbaud for NRZ and PAM4, module-wide License

  • M8050A-BU2

    Bundle consisting of one M9505A 5-slot AXIe Chassis with USB

  • M8059A-801

    Matched Cable Pair, 1.0 mm (m) to 1.0 mm (m) , 1.0 ps, 0.15 m

  • M8059A-802

    Termination 50 Ohm, 1.0 mm (m)

  • M8059A-FG

    Remote Head, 120 Gbaud for M8042A Pattern Generator

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