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Keysight Technologies N5101A

Baseband Studio PCI Card
Baseband Studio is a suite of baseband signal applications and accessories that currently work with the E4438C ESG and E8267D PSG vector signal generators and the E5515C wireless communications test set to emulate real-world signal conditions - simplifying the creation and verification of cellular, wireless networking, and aerospace/defense component and subsystem designs. The N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module provides a fast and flexible means of getting digital baseband signals into or out of your ESG or PSG. A PC equipped with the N5101A Baseband Studio PCI card enables two new software applications: N5110A Baseband Studio for waveform streaming and N5115A Baseband Studio for fading. Baseband Studio for streaming lets you playback unique baseband waveform data of virtually unlimited length from a PC hard drive through an ESG or PSG for RF or microwave signal generation. Baseband Studio for fading provides digitally integrated fading along with calibrated noise in a single easy-to-setup solution of E4438C ESG or E5515C signals.

If you want to evaluate the Baseband Studio software before purchase, download the Baseband Studio Complete Installation Package in the Key Library. The N5102A digital signal interface module does not require this software.

  • Digitally integrated fading and calibrated noise in one easy-to-setup solution offers the best price for the performance value.
  • Up to hours of unique I/Q waveform streaming in an off-the-shelf solution - a low-cost alternative that is easy to integrate into any Windows based system.
  • Digital I/Q and digital IF output with the data format, clock features, and signaling required and a variety of electrical logic interfaces to eliminate custom fixturing and reduce digital test complexity.
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022, N5110B, N5110B-134, N5110B-194, N5110B-195, N5115B-101, N5115B-162, N5115B-168, N5115BK125
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  • 022

    512 Msamples Memory

  • N5110B

    Baseband Studio For Waveform C

  • N5110B-134

    200 Msa/S Sample Rate

  • N5110B-194

    Play Arbitrary Waveforms Using Baseband Studio Pci Card

  • N5110B-195

    Capture Waveform To Baseband S

  • N5115B-101

    License E4438c Esg Signal Generator For One Channel

  • N5115B-162

    One Fading Channel Up To 17 Mhz Bandwidth

  • N5115B-168

    Add Awgn To One Channel

  • N5115BK125

    License E5515c For 1 Channel, Add

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