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Keysight Technologies N5183A-532

100 kHz - 31.8 GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator, 2.4 mm (m)

There are numerous applications of the Keysight N5183A-532 31.8 GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator. N5183A-532's applications include:

  • Parametric testing of microwave components and receivers
  • Performing local oscillator (LO) upconversion for microwave backhaul links
  • CW blocking for receiver testing
  • Testing throughput with 600-?s frequency switching
  • Characterizing microwave filters and amplifiers.

Here is a detailed look at the specifications offered by the Keysight, formerly Agilent N5183A-532.

N5183A-532 - Specifications

Frequency: 100 kHz to 31.8 GHz 

Output Power @1 GHz: -130 dBm to 18 dBm 

Phase Noise @1 GHz (20 kHz offset): -116 dBc/Hz 

Frequency Switching: < 600 ?s 

Harmonics @1 GHz: <-30 dBc 

IQ Modulation BW Internal/External: n/a 

Sweep Mode

  • List
  • Step 

Baseband Generator Mode: n/a 

Software-General Purpose

  • AM, FM, PM
  • Pulse
  • Pulse Train Generator 

Software-Cellular/Wireless Connectivity: n/a 

Software-Audio/Video Broadcasting: n/a

Software-Detection/Positioning/Tracking/Navigation: n/a 

Waveform Playback Memory: n/a 

Frequency Modulation-Maximum Deviation @1 GHz: 10 MHz 

Frequency Modulation-Rate @100 kHz Deviation: DC to 7 MHz 

Phase Modulation-Maximum Deviation in Normal Mode: 1.25 rad to 160 rad 

Phase Modulation-Maximum Deviation in High-BW Mode: 0.125 rad to 16 rad 

Amplitude Modulation-Maximum Depth: 90% 

Amplitude Modulation-Rate: 0 to 10 kHz 

Applications Available: Yes

Non-Harmonics @1 GHz = 70 dBc

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    Frequency Range From 100khz To 31.8ghz

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