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Keysight Technologies N5230A-245

4-port, 300 kHz - 20 GHz PNA-L Network Analyzer, 3.5 mm (m)

The Keysight N5230A-245 is a 20 GHz PNA-L vector network analyzer that provides the best combination of speed and accuracy for measuring multiport and balanced components such as filters, duplexers and RF modules.

The 4-port PNA-L automatic port extension feature on the Keysight N5230A-245 automatically measures and corrects fixtures, making measurements of in-fixture devices simple and precise, while also correcting fixture insertion loss to further improve accuracy.

The N5230A-245's optional Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules enable engineers to perform repeatable and highly accurate calibrations quickly, up to 30 times faster than mechanical calibration. Designed for your general-purpose network analysis needs, the Keysight N5230A-245, offers the perfect balance of value and performance in both manufacturing and R&D applications for industries from wireless LAN components to aerospace and defense.

Keysight N5230A-245 - Features and Specifications:

  • Configurable test set with extended power range
  • Balanced measurements through integrated 4-port
  • 120dB dynamic range at 20GHz
  • Windows-based setup provides flexible measurement displays
  • 4.5uS/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 16,001 points
  • Can import trace data and screen images for post-processing
  • True TRL calibration through integrated S-parameter test set with four receivers
  • RF input connector 3.5mm(M) 50ohm
  • Optional second internal source for fast measurements of amplifier intermodulation distortion and mixer/converter conversion loss

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010, 080, 245
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    Time Domain

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  • 245

    20 GHz 4 Port, Conf Test Set

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