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Keysight Technologies N6782A

20/6V, 1/3A, 20W Source/Measure DC Power Supply Module

Perform accurate tests, efficient sensing and instrumentation, and effective signal processing with the Keysight N6782A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit (SMU). Designed specifically for advanced functional testing of devices, the N6782A SMU has the ability to modulate the output up to 100 kHz.

It can also source and sink current. This makes the N6782A perfect for performing functional tests of devices, such as DC/DC converters, power amplifiers, power management units, and power management ICs.

The N6782A supports glitch-free sourcing and sinking, exceptional measurement, and highly efficient analysis, all while delivering an outstanding battery life.

Keysight N6782A Features and Specifications:

  • Change output and measurement ranges without glitches
  • 2-quadrant operation: Perform as a voltage or current source or as a CV or CC electronic load
  • Fast modulation of DC: Create waveforms up to 100 kHz to stimulate or load down the DUT
  • High-speed digitized measurements: View the power consumption of the DUT up to every 5 ohmes with built-in 200 kHz digitizer
  • Output power: 20 W
  • Output current up to plus/minus 3 A
  • Output voltage up to 20 V

The Keysight N6782A 2-quadrant source/measure unit (SMU) is available for rent, lease, or sale at TRS-RenTelco. Request a quote today and receive 24/7 expert assistance.

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